Term 6 Acting Technique Classes @ The Actors Studio Australia

Term 6 Acting Technique Classes at The Actors Studio Australia start Nov 8th, 2018 in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Our acting course offers a groundbreaking approach harnessing techniques from master teachers such as Meisner, Strasberg, Stanislavsky, Chubbuck and more designed to build performers who bring, depth, honesty and a vivid sense of truth to their work. We unpack the craft of acting with unique clarity and arm the actor one tool at a time. Our drama schools is dedicated to teaching actors to work from the inside out; to work from a starting point of real feelings rather than false external expression; to fill their work with a vital element of truth; and to always be guided by the principle that emotional authenticity is the key to engaging an audience’s imagination.

Term 6 acting classes commence Nov 8th, 2018. Cost is $330 for 6 weeks.

Enrol now https://www.actorsstudio.com.au

Acting Technique Classes Sydney

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